Freewriting (NaBloPoMo, Day 21)

I didn’t write a blog yesterday for a lot of reasons, mainly because I really wanted to take one day to just think and contemplate certain things about my life. I truly believe sometimes that to be a good writer

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Humor. And Fear. (NaBloPoMo, Day 19)

Are you the funny one in most groups? What kinds of things do you find funniest? I’ve been told that I can be funny or in my opinion, self-deprecating; my sense of humor is very dry and very open to socially

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Kindness (NaBloPoMo, Day 18)


Tell us about one time that you benefited from the kindness of strangers. Whenever I am told that I am far too nice, I always think to myself how kindness is a lost art; how when I see a person

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Freewriting Again (NaBloPoMo, Day 17)

Sometimes I think the hardest part about writing is to realize that some people will like your writing and some people won’t. I think that’s why it’s so hard for me to finish my novel; I’m terrified that once it’s

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The Loss of Innocence (NaBloPoMo, Day 16)

This is obviously a late post, due to the fact I spent most of today out of the house. However, I didn’t want to break my streak of blogging especiall at the halfway mark! I’ve been spending a lot of

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Girl’s Night Out (NaBLoPoMo, Day 15)

I’m currently on my way to go have dinner and hang out with my best girlfriends. We do this every month to catch up and keep in touch with each other’s lives. My friendships are important to me and I

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Growing Up (NaBloPoMo, Day 14)

Do you enjoy growing old or do you fight against it? I’ve never once considered the act of gaining years as something negative-maybe because the women I’ve been surrounded by have never shied away aging. I think that’s why I

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