Agency and Assault (Or, Why I Believe Shia LeBeouf)


If you haven’t heard, Shia LeBeouf has recently opened up and alleged that a woman raped him during one of his #IAMSORRY performances earlier this year. The reason I am writing about it is because I am stunned at how quickly

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Changes and Activism


So, obviously I haven’t posted the last few days of NaBloPoMo but I’m proud that I stuck with it as long as I did! I really feel that it helped me get into the mindset of blogging regularly at least

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Angry and Afraid (NaBloPoMo, Day 26)

In the last two days, the reality behind what has occurred in Ferguson has created more anger, more frustration, and left many of us who are people of color to remember why we are constantly afraid, and bringing up race. As

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The One Technology (NaBloPoMo, Day 24)

As horrible as it is to admit it, I probably couldn’t live without my computer; I use it to write, reach out to family and friends who don’t live close by, and other things. It’s become a way for me

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Freewriting (NaBloPoMo, Day 21)

I didn’t write a blog yesterday for a lot of reasons, mainly because I really wanted to take one day to just think and contemplate certain things about my life. I truly believe sometimes that to be a good writer

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Humor. And Fear. (NaBloPoMo, Day 19)

Are you the funny one in most groups? What kinds of things do you find funniest? I’ve been told that I can be funny or in my opinion, self-deprecating; my sense of humor is very dry and very open to socially

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Kindness (NaBloPoMo, Day 18)


Tell us about one time that you benefited from the kindness of strangers. Whenever I am told that I am far too nice, I always think to myself how kindness is a lost art; how when I see a person

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NaBloPoMo November 2014
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